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設計學生心得分享 >> Ya-sheng Cheng

Ya-sheng Cheng 
Lansdown Centre 

Ya-sheng Cheng studied Product Design in her home country, Taiwan, and worked as a product designer for four and a half years and an interior designer for about a year, before joining the MA Design for Interactive Media at the Lansdown Centre in September 2009.

Ya-Sheng Cheng from Taiwan last Christmas.

It’s a very cool class!’ she says. She particularly likes the range of knowledge she gets from the wide range of teaching and the experience of the other students. 'I can do all kinds of projects here, get support from the lecturers and at the same time see all the different projects of my classmates.
In the Lansdown Centre, I have the chance to hear about the latest issues from real world speakers, and I have the connection with other related departments such as Sonic Arts which I may have a chance to build into my projects.
In one of her projects Ya-sheng has explored the relationship between the reactions of viewers and the story in an animation. By using a biometric sensor, she can make the animation at any point depend on the viewer's response to what they have already seen. At a more everyday level, but still concerned with the relationship between designs and users, she has also evaluated an online shopping website. She will probably go on to use the Centre's eye-tracker, which allows students to directly study which parts of a website are attended to and which are ignored by users.
Ya-sheng is keen on using digital media to create sensations like those of nature -- walking on the seashore, writing in the sand, feeling the sound of the ocean -- but altered in ways that only digital media can achieve. She wants to create enjoyment, excitement, satisfaction for the user. To achieve this she wants to learn as much as possible about both the software and hardware of interactivity so that she can accomplish her work without being limited by technique.

When she graduates, Ya-sheng wants to work as an interface designer in the UK.





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