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設計學院老師 >> Leo Duff

Leo Duff 

Leo Duff, the Academic Director  of Overseas Development in the highly acclaimed Faculty of Art Design & Architecture at Kingston University London. Kingston is the most applied to university in the London region and  is famous for many of its art and design courses, including architecture and surveying, planning and landscape architecture. Such is the reputation of the faculty that ‘Kingston’ on your CV usually ensures an interview when applying for a job.
She studied Graphic Design then Illustration, and is a graduate for the Royal College of Art in London. In the Uk she is very well known for her  expertise on drawing and  her research is in this arena. She is currently artist in residence with the Stonehenge Riverside Project .
She first visited Taiwan as a guest of the British Council to give lectures and hold workshops at ‘Story House’ in Taipei and at Taichung and Kaochung Fine Art Museums. Bewitched by Taiwan and the Taiwanese people, she was fortunate to receive the unprecedented gift of a residency at Taipei Artists Village where she lived for two months, creating a large exhibition of work based on  experiments with Chinese ink painting and  western drawing and focussing on the concrete and stone environments of Taipei. She loves Taiwan and has a great affinity for the students emerging from Taiwan wishing to study in London.
Leo is always willing to look at portfolios of Taiwanese students wishing to apply to Kingston and through Jingham will prioritise their applications, offering useful advice and support  as quickly as possible
Kingston University London, the view for students
portfolio guidelines for overseas students




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3F., No. 149-3, Chang-Chuen Rd., Jung-Shan Chiu, Taipei, Taiwan 104
Direct Fax Line: 886-2-2561-3607
Website : http://www.jingham.com.tw/

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