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About Jingham


About Jingham


  Jingham International Education Consulting Institute was founded in 1996 to serve students and the general public in Taiwan for further and higher education overseas. We are a registered as a legal Overseas Education Consulting Institute in Taiwan.
  Since our establishment, we have been actively matching students with proper courses and educational institutions. We take pride in saying that we have been quite successful in this area.

  As “Jingham” is a professional Education Consulting Institute in providing consulting service for further and higher education of UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, all of our consultants are experienced and have been educated in the above countries
  We adopt a very strict and rigorous consulting approach. We insist upon all students constructing their career path before they think about picking a subject, /program, /course or institution. The result, “Jingham” has become one of the most trusted academic counseling bodies in Taiwan. Students who have been through our system have become our friends and supporters. It goes without saying that they try extremely hard to refer their friends to us.

* Identifying career objectives.
* Verifying language proficiency and academic standing.
* Constructing a study plan to accommodate individual needs.
* Forwarding applications to school(s)/universities of the student’s choice.
* Following up the application(s) and liaising with school(s)
* Assisting students with their accommodation, visa and travel.
* Pre-departure briefing
*Thorough and in depth pre-trip orientation to ensure a successful acclimatization in the target city.
*Liaising with Taiwanese Student Society abroad for local support for our students

*Give prior notification of marketing opportunities and organisational help for the partner institutions.
The Taiwan market for studying abroad has grown rapidly since 1990. Working with local partners (agents) in Taiwan is the most effective way for recruitment. There are different markets and student groups for different type of overseas educational institutions.

*Conducting marketing plans for promotion and student recruitment.
We provide marketing plans for our partner institutions according to their demands. The special recruitment mission can be arranged for certain departments, programs or new courses.

*Implementation of promotion and student recruitment plans.
We make the whole arrangement for all recruitment activities.

*Following up student inquiries and assisting them in their applications.
All the students’ inquiries normally are processed in two days. Our consultants will interview students individually and give advice for their applications.

*Bridging institutional links between the partner institutions and local educational institutions in Taiwan.
Once we are asking for a possible visit arrangement from our partner institutions, we will contact the local academic parties for meeting arrangement.
It could be a scholar visit, conducing research collaboration or recruitment mission. We have successfully set up links for our partner institutions with Taiwan Chinese Telecom, III (Institute for Information Industry), National Taipei University of Technology, Tun Hai University, Ta Hua Institute of Technology, National Taipei College of Commerce, MITAC Training Centre ect.

*Education Fair assistant
We normally assign our Consultant or invite the alumnus to help the representatives from our partner institutions during the education fairs. We believe we can provide more information and better interpretation services to the visitors.

*Free translation service
We are very glad to translate our partner institutions’ brochures and course details to Chinese to give Taiwanese students “reader friendly” information.

If you need our help ~ You can call usWe will give you the best professional service
Those services are all free above

Jingham International Consulting Institute
3F., No. 149-3, Chang-Chuen Rd., Jung-Shan Chiu, Taipei, Taiwan 104
Tel  :  886-2-2531-1458   /   2-2541-9797
       Fax  :  886-2-2561-3552       Direct Fax Line  :  886-2-2561-3607
       Email  :   service@jingham.com.tw






台北市重慶南路一段66-1號 9 樓之1 ( 近捷運台大醫院站4號出口 )
TEL: 886-2-2531-1458
9F-1., No. 66-1, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10045, Taiwan
Website : http://www.jingham.com.tw/

上班時間:週一∼週五 10 : 00∼18 : 00,週六及週日採預約制ㄛ!!!

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